Partnering with Biopharma

We provide an innovative solution to pharmaceutical partnership from new drug development to commercialization.


Partnering with Biopharma

We offer a data-driven approach for new drug development, companion diagnostics, biomarker discovery, clinical trials, real-word studies, and data insights. We provide comprehensive genomic testing in internationally certificated laboratories, ensuring the precise identification of tumor alterations at the molecular level. Our one-stop solutions provide a tailored approach for new treatments and therapy applications in clinical settings.

Biopharmaceutical Solutions

  • Co-developing a NGS-based companion diagnostics for Vitrakvi®  in China.
  • Partnership with Takeda on developing a genomic-based precision medicine platform to accelerate the R&A and commercialization of innovative medicine.
  • Developing clinical innovative solutions driven by data science.
  • Strategic partnership with AstraZeneca and Ping An Insurance to develop an innovative alliance of online patient care.

New Empowering CXO

Data-Driven Approach To Pharmaceutical Partnership Accelerating New Drug Development

A new precision medicine approach to clinical trials.
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